Treatment Costs

Initial Visit for Adults:

There are three different levels of entry for your initial visit.

3 Hours/ $450. The most expensive is also the longest at 3 hours. This will be the most thorough and extensive visit. Dr Reilly conducts an in depth and detailed analysis of your individual history and medical issues, as well as an extensive nutritional evaluation with testing of food allergies and setting new healthy guidelines for nutrition. A homeopathic interview and Chinese medical diagnosis are included in this thorough initial visit. Treatment includes acupuncture and hands on naturopathic manipulation.

I recommend this visit for everyone but especially if you have long standing health issues, or new and as yet undiagnosed issues.

2 Hours/ $300. This is still a comprehensive initial visit, but is offered for people with less extreme health issues and for children.

1 Hour/ $175. This visit is offered as an emergency visit for children or adults who have a sports injury, a strained or sprained muscle or back, or an acute illness.

If you are not sure which level is right for you call JoHannah and a conversation should help to clarify it.

Initial Visit for a Child (Ages 12 or under):

$300 This appointment lasts approximately 2 hours. Children receive the same in depth analysis as an adult. The treatment is modified specifically for your child.

Family Package Deals:

Speak directly to Dr. Reilly and she will customize a deal for your family or group.

Return Visits:

$100 return visit is typically 1 ½ hours.