TestimonialsThe following are testimonials from a few patients that wanted to share with you their experience of working with JoHannah Reilly ND. Their stories touch upon some of the various modalities- homeopathy, nutrition, botanicals, acupuncture etc… the salient point being how Dr. Reilly weaves these together to specifically address your health issues.

Thank you JoHannah! When I first came to JoHannah Reilly, I was chronically ill. I had problems sleeping. I was overweight. My heart would race and have palpitations. JoHannah listened to my health concerns. She gave me herbs and homeopathics. We came up with a diet plan that worked to balance my blood sugar.

Now I am sleeping through the night. My stress level is normal. I’ve lost 30 lbs. My heart is working just fine. I feel great again!

– Tamela Buhrke Arvada, Colo.

JoHannah has been an essential part of our family’s “health plan” since our son (now 20) was 2 years old. Over the past 2 decades, she has helped me overcome a head injury, literally cured my husband’s asthma and chronic allergies, helped us manage virus’s, aches and pains, and emotional crises—all while helping us better understand and take charge of our health through nutrition and lifestyle.

We continue to thank the heavens for her presence in our lives daily!

– Cherri Pruitt Lafayette, Colo.

I have been seeing Dr JoHannah Reilly since 1993. That’s 15 years! I started seeing JoHannah after my HIV positive diagnosis. She has been working with me on every health issue I have ever had. What she treats is every level of my system, my psyche, my lifestyle, what I eat, my spirit, and my emotions. With JoHannah I feel I’ve located a lighthouse in a sea of insecurities.

She is a rock of stability for me. She offers me support on my issues. I was also extremely blessed when JoHannah attended the birth of my son! If you are ready to have a whole and honest relationship with your health then consider being in the hands of Dr JoH- greatest discovery and gift your human body will receive in this lifetime.

– Catherine Redfern
Decorative painter/artist in Denver, Colo. catredferndesign.com

I was involved in a car accident– severe stress and injury to my right shoulder where the seat belt crossed. After several attempts to get relief from traditional doctors and chiropractors, I was able to get some comfort for about 36 hours, then the pain would return and my entire arm became completely unusable. Dr JoHannah treated me once for that injury and that is all it took. It’s been 3 years since her treatment, and the shoulder and arm have stayed completely healed and in active use– not even a hint of the old injury and pain.

– Jeanie S from Kansas