PediatricsTreating children is one of the delights of my practice.

The delight sometimes starts with me helping people with fertility. Once a women is pregnant I help her maintain her pregnancy with proper nutrition, and Chinese herbs. These herbal formulas are safe and have been used for centuries to help women through pregnancy. Once the child is born and is nursing if any problems arise with the infant I treat the mother. This is an effective and efficient way to treat a nursing child since I can give herbs/nutrients to the mother (that I could not give directly to the infant) which the child will receive through the breast milk. For non breastfed infants I have other means of treatment like homeopathy, that are still safe and effective.

As the child grows from infant to toddler I help parents with my ” introducing food schedule”. This guideline suggests which foods are easy to digest starting at six months of age and continues to age two or three. It also alerts parents to foods that may cause allergies when introduced before the child can properly assimilate them.

Food allergies and the many problems they cause can affect children and adults of any age, and are an important part of my practice. Identifying these foods at an early age can save the family from physical, mental and emotional issues that are related to IgG (immunoglobulin G) delayed food sensitivities. These allergies can cause multiple physical symptoms like ear infections, asthma, eczema, stunted growth, sensory integration, etc. — mental and emotional symptoms like excessive crying, aggression, isolation, strange behavior, dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, etc..

An IgE (immunoglobulin E) food allergy is an acute allergy that causes a problem very soon after the food is eaten. This can include anaphylaxis, or the problem is gut related- abdominal discomfort, gas, vomiting or diarrhea may occur within a short time of ingesting the food. Figuring these allergies out is usually obvious because the problem occurs every time that food is eaten, and very soon after it is eaten.

The IgG food allergies are delayed and may not cause symptoms for several days, so it is not obvious that the food and the problem are related. Usually when you go to an MD they check for the IgE, acute allergies, and not for the IgG , delayed allergies. I identify these food allergies and explain how to avoid them. These IgG food allergies can be the cause of a variety of problems physically, mentally and emotionally, The elimination of the allergy food from your family’s nutrition can be a fundamental step toward a healthy stable life.

Parents are guided in providing meals that support their family’s specific nutritional needs. Children who don’t have food allergies are taught how to make positive food choices and establish nutritious eating habits for life.

I treat children for all the childhood diseases, growing pains, environmental allergies, bonks and bruises, colds and flu. As girls grow into teens I help them regulate their menses, and help boys and girls understand about the importance of nutrition, lifestyle and exercise. I address everything from their skin to their sense of self worth.

The delight is in getting to see a child’s world open up, to see them free of ailments that have been holding them back, to see the light in their eyes, and to see their parents’ smile.

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